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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The New M & N

And by M & N I mean S & M...Contributor Gary visited the new M & N location recently. It sounds a little too clean and well lighted for M & N. It's good to see the pictures of the sammiches are up so people know what to order. Reading these reviews makes me want to go to M & N and get that sandwich with the beef with the Italian sausage snuggled up inside.

Here's Gary's review:

On Tuesday I ate at Norm's new location, catty-corner from his old place at 27th and Randolph. The new place is cleaner and brighter, not what I was expecting. I think the atmosphere will improve once he gets some posters on the wall. I hope he has a place for business cards again, it was alway interesting to see everyone's business cards plastered to the wall.

The attitude that only Norm can create was abundant at the new place. He was busy, so he was down to business. Millie seemed a little overwhelmed but I'm sure she'll get up to speed eventually. There were a few things from the old location that made the new place feel like home. The cash register, the soda dispenser and some of the old hand-written signs survived the move. The photos of the sandwiches were there too.

The sandwiches were awesome, just like always. I had the Italian Cheesesteak with sauted onions and served "wet." It was fantatic. I've locked into the Italian Beef sandwiches, although the pastrami at M&N is fantastic. A friend had the triple combination: pastrami, Italian beef and sausage. Ugh! He loved it, as did another companion who had corned beef.

The new location is on 27th Street facing west, just north of Randolph. There's a new sign and fresh paint, but - thankfully - it's the same old place. Stop by and see for yourself.


Blogger nomeat4mi said...

M&N have anything for me? I don't eat meat. I do love cheese sandwiches, though.

5:42 PM  

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