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Saturday, March 08, 2008

IAH Terminal B

If you fly Continental heading south most likely you're going to wind up in Houston's Terminal B. If you have a layover there forget finding anything other than fast food. Usually that's OK, but I've been on a mission lately to find good, unique, prepared food for travelers who aren't crossing oceans. So far MSP is the winner.

The international terminals always have the best food and IAH is no exception. There's a food court near the security gate of Terminal B with standard food court food. The terminal map lists fancy sounding places like White Magnolia as dining options but the truth is White Magnolia is a counter where you can buy prepackaged salads and sandwiches. Each pod in Terminal B has the same place with a different name.

I've flown in to IAH before but I've always ended my flight there. Houston has all the horrible delay problems any big airline hub has. Monday we sat on the runway for 3 hours before taking off. Great naptime! Friday, when I was on the way home, the plane's crapper broke and it took 2 hours for the brave Continental (no pun intended) mechanics to make the plane safe for poop and pee.


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