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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mas Mexican

I should note that I stopped at Tina's Mexican Food a few weeks before Le Korb gave us a decent background on its owners. One thing that really impressed me was the cleanliness of the place near 9th & Van Dorn. I can't remember ever seeing that place as clean and neat as it was when it was a Taco Inn.

Cleanliness is usually a good sign because that means the someone cares about the food being served. The salsa bar was also a plus. The refrigeration unit was new and it kept everything on the salsa bar (salsas, curtido, etc.) cold, fresh and safe.

I had a chorizo torta and I got a couple of beef rolled tacos to go. The torta was pretty good although after getting chorizo tortas at other places that serve breakfast, like D'Leon's, I'd recommend against it. The chorizo always has lots of egg mixed in, which gives a different texture to the meat but in the end it is not chorizo.

I still hold Super Taco above all others when it comes to tortas because their tortas (last time I checked) c0me with queso blanco and jalapenos and slices of avocado instead of really mushy just about to turn brown guac. I should probably check out how they're doing. If anyone wants to join me at Super Taco next Saturday for lunch, send me an email or post here.

Last Friday, after being on call for a week, I got a chance to go to Mr. Leno at 72nd & O which is far outside of where I can go for lunch on a normal day. Their drive-thru is open 24 hrs and I almost stopped there one Monday morning at 4 am on my way to catch a plane in Omaha but was afraid of how long it would take at that hour. Chances are I would have made it but who doesn't love sleeping at Eppley for 30 minutes or so?

The menu board at Mr. Leno was strikingly similar to the menus at D'Leon's and Tina's. I ordered a torta, carnitas this time to avoid the egg, and a chorizo taquito. The taquitos at Mr. Leno's aren't deep-fried tubes but the standard little tacos on white corn shells I love so much. At Mr. Leno they're $1.19 which beats any other place in town.

The carnitas was really, really good if you like juicy, fatty pork (who doesn't?). I was disappointed with the toppings though; just lettuce and some thin guac. No queso, no peppers, and the salsas, roja y verde, were nothing much. The salsa roja was smoky but aren't they all these days? I doused my sandwich with it and couldn't really taste it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"decent background on its owners." hahahahahahaha.


3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just got takeout from tina's. both my wife and i thought it was terrific. loved the peppers in the burritos and could have used a few more. since the only mexican takeout closer to our house is amigos, i imagine we will be eating there quite often.

7:47 PM  

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