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Monday, July 07, 2008

Guest Review: Mama's Pizza (Omaha)

It didn't take long for the aforementioned Gary to return to Eatin' in Lincoln. Below is a review he submitted yesterday.

My son and I went to the Slowdown in Omaha last night for a show, so we left a little early so we grab something to eat in Omaha. We settled on pizza and decided to give Mama's Pizza a try. I'd heard good things about this locally owned restaurant, so we stopped at the Saddle Creek location [715 Saddle Creek Rd.--ed.] once we got into town.

I was surprised and a little disappointed when we pulled up and saw a building that was a lot nicer than I expected. My mental picture was of an older building that would be somewhat dated. My concerns were alleviated when we stepped inside. While they have obviously stayed on top of maintaining their building, the inside was old-school pizza joint. Clean, open and easy to navigate, but old school.

They have rows and rows of long tables pushed together. You step up to the bar to place your order, they give you a number and your beverage and you pick up your pizza when they call your number. You also pick up your own plates and utensils. It's a complete self-service approach, which I think is cool. They even drew a funny-looking guy on our ticket when we picked up our pie, which was a nice touch. I have no idea how they had time to doodle on our ticket while cooking all those pies.

The pizza is, obviously, homemade. I liked the crust, not too thick and not too doughy. I'm not a fan of thin crust pizza, and this was a nice medium thickness. I like that they don't ladle on the sauce too heavy, and the sauce itself definitely stayed in the background. Not too tangy or zesty.

We kept it simple and ordered a hamburger pizza. The meat, like the sauce, was not heavily seasoned. I would have preferred a little more seasoning in one or the other, but it was still good. They could have used less meat on the pizza and I would have liked it better. They were generous with the cheese and it was cooked to a brown bubbly crust, which was awesome.

Overall I liked Mama's and would go back but if you want good locally-owned homemade pizza, you can get it here in Lincoln. The Isles is my favorite, but Big Sal's/Patty's Pub is a strong second place for me. You should really try Piezano's if you haven't had it yet too.


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