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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lunch on Saturday and ? for Wisco

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately. I'd like to get to some of Lincoln's more upscale places but my budget doesn't allow it right now. I'd definitely like to get to that place where Baciami used to be before it closes.

In any case, I'm eating lunch next Saturday at Super Taco at 56th and Holdrege. It's my favorite Mexican restaurant in the whole world so if anyone would like to meet me there, send me an email or leave a comment here.

Wisco: I'm going to be in Madison next week. Any recommendations?


Blogger Beerorkid said...

fore it closes, ouch ;)

I have wanted to try a super taco for a long time. Will prob be there.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Wilson said...

I'll have to see what my soccer reffin' schedule is like. If my schedule allows, I'm there. But realistically, I'll probably have to slam a pb&j and Gatorade between games.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Wisco said...

Hi Swoof!

Here are a few recommendations for Madison cuisine. There are lots of good choices! We (Mr. & Mrs. Wisco) hope that you enjoy eating in Madtown. We're interested to hear what you think, or if you find other good places. We're going to try to make it to Super Taco on Saturday. I might have to work, but Mrs. Wisco should be able to make it.

New Orleans Take-out: GREAT Cajun food. It’s mostly takeout, but there are a few spots to eat in both restaurants. There are two locations, but both have the same menu. This is one that we always go to when we’re back in Madison.
1920 Fordem Ave.

1517 Monroe St.


Lao Laan Xang: The food is fantastic. This is the place we never miss when we go back to Madison. This would probably be our #1 recommendation – if you don’t make it to any other places on this list, go here. We always go to the location on Williamson Street, but both are good. It’s Laotian food, which is similar to Thai in spice and ingredients.
1146 Williamson St

2089 Atwood Ave

Jamerica: This is casual Jamaican food – lots of jerk dishes. It’s less expensive than Jolly Bob’s, but it doesn’t have the fish and seafood choices.
1236 Williamson Street

Jolly Bob’s: This is more expensive than Jamerica, but it’s really a unique experience. It has a fantastic drink menu – try a Dark and Stormy. The décor is really interesting with a huge fish tank in the middle of the restaurant, but it’s not at all pretentious. There are classic jerk dishes, but we tend to get some of the fish entrees. The Blackjack and the Avocat are fantastic.
1210 Williamson St

Hubbard Avenue Diner: It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we usually go for breakfast or lunch, not for dinner. It’s owned by the same person as Monty’s Blue Plate, and the menus are similar. They do a unique spin on some classic American food. It’s designed with a ‘50s diner theme, and it’s pretty cool. Mr. Wisco loves the meatloaf, and Mrs. Wisco loves the vegetarian Reuben (it’s called the Sheldon). It also has great desserts.
7445 Hubbard Avenue

Monty's Blue Plate Diner: Basically the same review as Hubbard Avenue – it’s also excellent, and either would be good, depending on which location is more convenient.
2089 Atwood Avenue

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Wisco said...

Oops - some of those links were cut off, but you get the idea.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Mr. T said...

Super Taco rocks. I would so be there if it weren't for the fact that I actually have to work that day.

BTW they have flan there off the menu for dessert.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Lincoln Writer said...

Magnolia (where Baciami used to be) is fantastic! They make these really amazing veggie cakes, like crab cakes but vegan. So yummy.

10:01 PM  

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