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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tomatoes? or just another member of the deadly Nightshade family?

I'd heard a little about the new salmonella outbreak earlier this week but nothing that gave me pause. Apparently tomatoes have stricken across at least 11 states and hit hard in Texas.

I talked to my friend at the USDA tonight and she told me a small batch of Mexican tomatoes imported into Texas were the culprit. The bad thing is, no one knows what type of tomato or from what producer. She sees this as a really, really bad year for tomatoes. Produce wholesalers in Texas have been getting their tomato shipments sent back out of fear. The sandwich shops in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have already stopped putting tomatoes on their products.

If you have a garden or a few tomato plants in pots, enjoy. It looks like I'll be on canned tomatoes for awhile.


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