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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mi Guadalajara

I stopped in about 1115 today and there were quite a few people there already. The interior of the restaurant has been changed as much as possible since it was a Doozy's. It was cleaner, better lighted and the colors were much brighter. The booths between the gas station and the restaurant are still in place and a few were occupied. The counter opposite the kitchen was lined with stools and several were already taken by people eating. The kitchen was busy. At least six people moved back and forth behind the counter taking and preparing orders.

As I approached the counter to order the man running the cash register and taking orders (the owner, I'm guessing) shoved a tray at me and gleefully shouted "On the house!" On the tray was a basket of hot, fresh corn chips and a cup of salsa and a chicken tostada. I placed an order for a carnitas taco and took my food back to the counter.

The salsa is quite good; very fresh tasting with lots of cilantro. The spice was just about right for me for a dip-chipping sauce but may be a little much for some people. I predict the restaurant will develop a milder, but still fresh, salsa before too long. It would also be nice if they eventually had some hotter freshly made sauces to put on the food. The bottles of Cholula at each table were a welcome sight though.

The chips were about as fresh as you can get; still warm but not too oily, and very crispy. The tostada came on a standard-sized shell (obviously freshly made), covered with shredded chicken and onions cooked in a mild chipotle sauce that wasn't as overpoweringly smoky as you get at many places that have lately jumped on the chipotle bandwagon. What I really liked about the tostada was how well the shell stood up. I was able to eat the whole thing while holding it in my hand. Sometimes you get tostada shells that shatter into a blizzard of fried corn and meat after one bite. Not here.

Soon my taco was ready. For $2.50 I was expecting more than I usually get when I order tacos at an "authentic" Mexican restaurant. I wound up pretty happy. The warm corn shells surrounding the meat were of the usual size but there was quite a bit more meat than I've come to expect. On top of that, there was a nice heap of guac and pico in the corner I could use to dress the taco or for my chips. The carnitas were really good; big chunks of roast pork shoulder with a good crispness from a later frying. It seemed like something that might come out of my crock pot at home. Next time I'll ask for cilantro and onion for the taco. I'm sure they have it back there.

The little paper menu I picked up on Monday isn't their full offering, though I think they were hoping to stick to that menu for the opening. Inside the restaurant they had large colorful plastic menus with many more dishes.

They've got a good location, surrounded by several of Lincoln's biggest private employers. Hopefully they'll make a better run than the Doozy's and Godfather's that closed within weeks of each other earlier this year.

Mi Guadalajara is at the NW corner of 16th & Old Cheney next door to the BP station, just south of Heidelberg's.


Blogger Beerorkid said...

Cool I am excited to check it out.

Did everybody get the free tostada?

10:18 PM  
Blogger Swoof said...

Yes. Free chicken tostadas were flyin' around that place like frisbees at a Dead concert.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

We had lunch at Mi Guadalajara yesterday. They are still giving out the chicken tostadas (very good) and chips with salsa. My husband had an enchilda which he said was excellent. I had the chile relleno platter. It was very good also, as good as La Paz only cheaper. The owner, Antonio, went out of his way to be friendly and helpful and the service is much faster than De'Leons. We will definitely go back whenever we are looking for good authentic mexican food with fast, friendly service.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Mr. T said...

I stopped in there today and enjoyed my experience. Very friendly folks too. I'll chug out a review and blog it later this week hopefully.

5:41 PM  

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