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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Dinner: Lunch at Piezano's

I rarely eat dinner on Saturdays, especially when I eat a big lunch like I did yesterday. Piezano's recently started doing a daily lunch buffet so I met Jack Jackson and a couple other folks there to check it out.

When we arrived around 12:45 there were a few other people in the restaurant but only a couple of slices of pizza on the buffet table. We hit the small salad bar while we waited for more pizza to appear. It was comforting to find out the reason for the delay was a shortage of pizza sauce that was only being remedied as we arrived. They didn't lose their can opener or anything like that. They were actually making the sauce in the kitchen.

I've never been as enthusiastic about the pizza at Piezano's as most people. I think it's too thick. When the fresh pies hit the buffet table I was pleased to find the crust was crispier than I remembered. Of course, this could be because I usually eat Piezano's pizza delivered. The only times I've ever eaten at the restaurant were for Sunday night spaghetti.

Overall, the buffet was worth the $6 price but there were a few things I'd change. First, the whole thing appeared a little slapdash. The buffet tables were just plain tables. The salad bar was not a traditional salad bar but just a bowl of lettuce with the toppings and sides set out next to it in round serving containers. I'd also like to see some marinara sauce for the cheese sticks and maybe a pasta option.


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