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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mr. Wilson goes to Crawdaddys

Crawdaddy's is one of those places you tend to forget about. It's tucked into the far southwest corner of the Haymarket under the viaduct so the typical Haymarket crowd doesn't see it and it has a fairly loyal clientele so Crawdaddy's doesn't need to advertise a whole lot. I haven't been there in over a year and now after reading Mr. Wilson's review it's at the top of my list.

I remember when it was still called George's Red Pepper Grill and was in the old Sobik's Subs place just off the viaduct on 10th street. I lived just a few blocks away at the time in the notorious Russian Bottoms and on Sundays that place had a line out the door for the 25¢ tacos. Mr. Wilson ate 17 at Knickerbocker's, which has Crawdaddy's tacos on Thurdays. I reckon I could probably top that record.

Mr. Wilson says:
The food is diverse. Crawdaddy’s serves variations on cajun, barbeque, and Mexican. My favorite entree is the Ultimate Big Ass Burrito, a honkin’ meat and beans burrito smothered in the homemade salsa of your choice and topped with jalapenos. If you’re ordering something called the Ultimate Big Ass Burrito, you’d better be asking for the mofo salsa. The Missus goes cajun with the crawfish pie, a cajun pot pie of sorts. It’s a cornbread shell filled with crawfish, tomatoes, red peppers, and all sorts of other goodies. Last night her dish was overflowing with crawfish. I ordered the crawfish etouffee last night, a first for me. It featured a tomato-based sauce filled with crawfish and colorful veggies, served around a mound of rice. It was no Big Ass Burrito, but it was pretty darn tasty.
I love crawfish so I'm tempted to get the crawfish pie the next time. When I was a kid we used to catch crawfish out of the little creeks around my hometown and take them to my friend Tim's mom for her to cook. She'd also cook the frogs we caught and it was all so damn tasty. I'm still partial to the Big Ass Burrito, though. It's way better than anything you can get at Chipotle.


Anonymous Mr. Wilson said...

So you think you can beat 17 tacos, do you? Ha!

Actually, 17 is very beatable. I could have made it through a few more, but I had to referee a soccer game that night and I was worried I'd ralph tacos all over the field. Plus I'm a slow eater; the people I was with were getting bored. :-)

One bit of advice: don't order all of the tacos at once. Quarter tacos do NOT taste good cold. Order 8-12 at a time and go back as needed.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

I loved George's Red Pepper Grill in the Russian Bottoms. The food seems to have lost something in its current location, but that may just be me.

FYI, the 25-cent tacos taste like 25-cent tacos. I'm not sure it's worth it.

Also, Crawdaddy's has some of the best lunch specials in town if you're looking for a great lunch deal.

2:34 PM  

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