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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reader Review: M13

Thanks to Sylvia for another valuable contribution to the Eatin' in Lincoln mission. I'd also like to thank Sarah for joining the Eatin' in Lincoln staff and recounting her visit to Yang's Cafe below.


by Sylvia

Ate at M13 Bistro yesterday since it is just around the corner from my work. I was worried about seating, but we ended up getting the only 4-person table in the place. I think the place only fits about 15 people or so...4 tables, a "counter seating" area, and a "couch" area for coffee. The Bistro also doubles as an art gallery. There were some interesting paintings and photos. Above our table was a very interesting pen and magic marker piece with Tupac Shakur lyrics on the side of it. Walking in, one of the rougher guys in our group complained how he thought it was "some tree-hugger place," and wouldn't go in if he were eating with just a group of guys.

With the lunch special, you can choose two of the following: 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 soup, 1/2 salad. I had the roast beef on a croissaint/green spring mix salad combo. Overall, it was a very good sandwich and salad. The greens just seemed very, um..interesting. In a good way. One friend had the same thing I had, and she wanted pick up every leaf of her salad like chips because it was just so fresh and green.

Another friend had smoked turkey on a parmesan bread w/cauliflower cheese soup, and his socks were totally knocked off. The final lunchmate had a whole roast beef sandwich on tomato basil bread . They were very impressed by the specialty bread. So much so, that the rougher guy said that he would not be afraid now to bring a group of men to "the tree-hugger place."

The non-salad eating lunchmates are bigger guys, and usually opt for buffetts or places that serve a full side of fries. I was very surprised when they both indicated the portions were filling. The amount of food just looks much smaller than one would usually eat. I'm sure the level of satisfaction was aided by the *free dessert* that comes with the eat-in lunch option. Dessert choices included fudge cake, apple pie, and a few other items that one forgets once anyone says the words "fudge cake" or "apple pie".

The soft drinks are served in the 20 oz bottles with a glass of ice. My lunchmates thought this was cool, because they both only drink about 12 oz at a time, and could take the remaining portion away with them.

The other items on the menu - coffees, teas, muffins and $1.25 desserts - would be perfect for just running out around the corner on a coffee break from work. For us, lunch, drink and tip tallied to about $7 each. No credit cards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is this place?

7:22 PM  
Blogger Swoof said...

427 S. 13th

8:10 PM  
Blogger Cbo said...

The food is terrific! With a laid back and most comfortable atmosphere. The slogan on the menu board that reads "Good Food, Good Vibes" says it all. The art is intuitive with a little something for everyone. You will find your eyes and mind wandering the place.

I work in a busy professional office environment. It is a nice a mid day escape for anyone involved in the everyday hustle and bustle of the grind.

The staff is friendly and the music is relaxing yet upbeat. When I was in I heard everything from Bob Marley to D'Angelo. For all you guys out there the staff is also easy on the eyes.

I have found they serve daily specials with a variety of breakfast items. Thursday is a terrific BBQ beef sandwich. The Tortilla Soup on Friday is die for, but I suggest getting there at a decent time. This one seems to be popular and I have missed out before.

The seating is limited, so don't plan on bringing a large crowd, however I have heard that catering is available. It is a local business I will continue to support.

9:32 PM  

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