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Monday, September 22, 2008


I picked up some nice trout at the Farmers' Market on Saturday. I don't recall the name of the vendor but they also sell goat although they were fresh out. Maybe next time.

Disapproving little buggers, aren't they? They were in great shape after a day in the fridge. I could actually put my nose about two inches away from them and not detect any fishiness at all.

The nice thing about trout this small is that any pin bones I may have missed in the cleaning process kind of melt away with a little heat. I gave them a light fry on both sides in a non-reactive pan after whipping up a little bacon vinaigrette out of some bacon, shallots, lemon juice and tarragon. I also sauteed some yellow squash and baby spinach and served it alongside a toasted quinoa and almond pilaf. This is one of those plates that tastes best when you mix everything together.


Anonymous Mr. T said...

Trout is one of my favorite fish. Good choice sir!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Swoof said...

Trout is definitely my favorite fresh water fish although I haven't had walleye or a bunch of batter-dipped and fried crappie in so long I shouldn't say that with such authority.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Beerorkid said...

bacon vinaigrette

Bows while chanting "Im not worthy"

The catfish / trout / goat guy is the man. Boots and tight jeans.

I picked up some goat chops from him. Said he had a goat who kept the weeds down around his fish ponds and a friend said hey you should butcher them. he looked at his permits and saw he could. Good eats.

4:03 PM  

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